21. januar 2020 (17:00 - 21:00)

København V

Mindfulness – Workshop

Mindfulness helps you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, worries, low self-esteem and helps you perform better at work. Understand why and learn ways to use mindfulness in your daily life.

  • Be present here and now
  • Take healthy breaks, restitute and sleep well
  • Get breaks from thoughts – think and act more constructively
  • Be more innovative, resilient, focused, committed and efficient
  • Experience your life, be less on autopilot

4 hours to get familiar (or reconnect) with mindfulness – mainly through excercises but also through theory and research.

  • You’ll try different mindfulness-techniques and see if they appeal to you.
  • You’ll get an understanding of why mindfulness is so popular and helpful towards challenges in life. With practice, your new skills can help you handle those challenges better.
  • You’ll be introduced to ways of thinking which can give you a more adequate approach to todays accelerated modes of living and working.
  • You’ll try means for real restitution – from 5 minutes to better sleep – and you’ll take with you ideas of how to use mindfulness and micro-breaks privately and at work.

Mindfulness helps you become the master of your thoughts, feelings and actions instead of slave of them. So you can say yes and no, take your time to notice, prioritize and focus differently – which will be beneficial for you, your family and your company.

Andrea Klinkby is an organizational psychologist and mindfulness-instructor. She works with cognitive therapi, hypnosis and edu-tainment and with stress-management at an individuel and organizational level. She often teaches mindfulness workshop, courses and 8-weeks-classes – for individuals and corporations. She’s an entertaining, empathic and pragmatic teacher, who acknowledges our different conditions and therefore makes sure you’ll take home a great volume of knowledge to choose from.

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250 kr for medlemmer, 400 kr for ikke-medlemmer